DLP Rear Projection Display Cubes

DLP Rear Projection Display Cube

DLP Rear Projection Display Cubes

SURGO's DLP rear projection display cubes are designed for intelligent visualization systems in control rooms. With high brightness, Redundant LED light source, you can enjoy outstanding images Redundancy are designed for high reliability and available which are ideal to meet the demanding requirements of 24/7 applications. Variety of selections in terms of brightness, screen size and screen type, and different display cube thickness to meet the requirements of difference size control rooms and different application.

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Advantages of Redundant LED Light Source

Featuring a duplicated LED light source, Surgo display cubes deliver impressive luminosity and unwavering dependability. This product line is meticulously crafted to ensure a completely maintenance-free experience over the years, obviating the need for consumable replacements. The LED driver employed in Surgo's design integrates advanced current protection technology, adept at identifying specific LED failures while seamlessly upholding a uniform current level across the remaining LED light sources.

Extended LED Lifespan of 100,000 Hours. Eco-Conscious Design. Free from Mercury, Sodium, or Harmful Elements. Robust and Cost-Efficient, Ensuring Durability with Minimal Operational Expenses.


Leveraging the incredibly luminous display cube technology, Surgo empowers you to unveil the drapes and welcome natural daylight into your control room, all while upholding exceptional image quality and unwavering reliability.


Surgo display cubes offer RS232 control for efficient video wall management using Video Wall Management Software. Additionally, the series provides the option of a remote controller and a user-friendly on-screen menu, ensuring effortless operation.


Surgo offers an extensive selection of screen sizes, resolutions, and screen types across various series of video walls. This versatility ensures that Surgo's video walls cater to control rooms of all sizes, ranging from small to medium and large.


Surgo's display cube is engineered to eliminate any single point of image failure, providing uninterrupted operation for control rooms 24/7. This series offers the utmost redundancy for critical components, including a remarkable 6x redundancy for LED light sources, redundant power supplies, and multiple redundant input ports. The design incorporates dual power networks, ensuring that each cube is connected to two independent power sources. This guarantees that a reliable power input is always available, ensuring fail-safe operations. By integrating a robust signal processing board, the redundant input swiftly takes control to restore the image if the primary input encounters a failure.


Surgo's array of display cube options caters to diverse preferences. Among these is the Ultra-high Contrast Screen (UCS), featuring an anti-glare protective layer that ensures a resilient, distortion-free, and glare-free screen. Moreover, Surgo presents the CSI screen from DNP, allowing customers to indulge in exceptional imagery characterized by superior color temperature uniformity and brightness across the expansive display wall, providing a more immersive visual experience.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Surgo display cube is of easy maintenance by offering:

  • Enhanced System Monitoring: The main control board features a 7-segment LED indicator, providing clear and concise system status updates.
  • Seamless Component Replacement: Critical components are hot swappable, allowing for efficient and uninterrupted replacement without system downtime.
  • Precise Electrical Alignment: The system includes an electrical alignment adjustment feature, ensuring accurate calibration and optimal performance.
  • Automated Screen Opening: A motorized mechanism facilitates the effortless opening of the screen, streamlining user interaction and enhancing operational convenience.

Advanced Front-Screen Maintenance Mechanism

  • Sleek Design of Video Cube Cabinet
  • Elevate Your Visualization System's Intelligence
  • Say Goodbye to Traditional Metal Hooks and Their Intrusive "Black Dots" Between Screens
  • Screens Can Be Electronically Extended from the Front, Simplifying Maintenance
Advanced Front-Screen Maintenance Mechanism

Slim Cube Cabinet

  • This Innovation Eliminates Any Pixel Loss or Coverage That Could Occur with Conventional Metal Hook Methods
  • Both Front and Rear Access Video Cube Models Are Offered in a Slim Version, Boasting a Minimal Thickness of 459mm
  • Significant Space-Saving Benefit for Control Rooms, Enhancing Floor Space Efficiency.
Slim Cube Cabinet