AI2000 Series Processor

AI2000 Series Processor

Series Processor

SURGO AI2000 series is a hardware- based video wall processor with RIET technology to achieve stable and high- performance image processing, which can drive up to 72 display screens. In addition, separated video walls can be managed by one set of AI2000 simultaneously. SURGO A I2000 series is ideal to fulfil the demanding 24/7 visualization needs in control and command centers, data centers and operations monitoring centers.

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Benefit of AI2000 Series Processor

Embedded with RIET technology

  • Each signal and high-resolution desktop is allocated to a dedicated high-speed data channel for parallel processing and real-time transmission. The signal windows and desktop processing can be handled parallelly. The increased loading of desktop processing or signal inputs will not assect the performance of each other.
  • Broadcast level of fast and seamless layout switching i.e. no dark transition screen during switching
  • Accurate and synchronized outputs achieving real zero latency.

Optional high-resolution desktop server - Windows OS

  • High resolution desktop server is a PCI-E based processor with Windows OS, which has the following features as an optional device working with AI2000 series processor.
  • Ultra high resolution desktop computer for running professional industry application software, such as SCADA, GIS, etc.
  • Works as data storing server. RAID-0/1 supported as per requested option.

Flexible modular design for easy maintenance and expansion

  • Flexible chassis size to support different video wall scales, 3U/5U/8U/14U to support up to 72 outputs
  • All signal I/O boards are hot swappable
  • Instant image recovery after signal board is replaced
  • System expansion can be carried out by inserting additional signal I/O boards while the processor is running

High reliability

  • Power supply and cooling fans are redundant for high reliability and 24/7 operations
  • Failure of desktop will not close all signal windows on the video wall

Powerful video wall supporting capability

  • Irregular creative shaped or orientation of different display panel are supported
  • Driving up to 16 separated video walls with a single AI2000 processor
  • Driving LED walls with different pixel pitch as one
  • Image rotating at any angles

Intelligent monitoring and controlling

  • SURGO AI2000 series processor is designed with intelligent temperature sensors which monitor air inlet/ outlet and core components in real-time. Its control software adopts B/S architecture with embedded server in the processor. No need to invest a dedicated PC working as a server.

SURGO AIDesktop processor is a PCI-E based control room graded video processor with Microsoft Window O/S. It is an optional device working together with the AI2000 Processor. I supports an ultrahigh resolution content which is same as the video wall’s pixel-to-pixel physical resolution, user can present and view the content clearly and precisely; Moreover, It serves as a database server, for which RAID system is supported; It also collaborates with its control room management software such as WinDeo and DVStudio to expand your video wall’s capability and enhance the manageability; Servers as an O/S platform for third party windows-based application.

DV Studio works as the control software which provides multiple features such as layout management, device control, signal source management, user access control, scrolling text, basic presentation dashboard, etc.

WinDeo can encode the application windows running on any workstation into independent IP signals, which helps to cut down the workstations investment greatly.