Genuine Pure RGB DLP® Video Wall Cube

Genuine Pure RGB DLP® Video Wall Cube

Genuine Pure RGB DLP® Video Wall Cube

Genuine Pure RGB DLP® Video Wall Cube, a state-of-the-art product in the Pure RGB Laser-lit Series of DLP® video walls. This brand new video wall boasts significantly higher brightness outputs, with a 50% increase compared to conventional LED-lit rear projector systems. This series offers numerous advantages, including a wide color gamut, high reliability, high brightness, long lifetime, and a high energy effciency ratio.

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Wider Colour Gamut

The SURGO's RGB Laser display cube offers a significant improvement in color representation, with "redder" reds, "greener" greens, "bluer" blues, and more. This results in a greater impact on-screen in various ways. Additionally, this technology can achieve up to 145% NTSC /200% EBU, bringing it closer to the natural gamut and providing a more colorful and higher color representation. Furthermore, the laser version increases the "bit depth" of the display cube, meaning that it has wide "magnitude" of each color available. This results in an increased number of colors overall.

High Redundancy

The SURGO Laser-lit DLP cube is specifically designed with a redundant structure featuring multiple arrays of light sources. The red and green arrays have 16X redundancy, while the blue array has 8X redundancy, making it more reliable in operations.

To ensure long-term uniformity of color and brightness, the video wall features unique color and brightness uniformity management. This technology guarantees that the image will appear uniform across the entire video wall, resulting in a superior viewing experience.

Energy Saving

The product is both energy-saving and environmentally friendly, consuming 25% less power than mainstream LED-lit products. This not only results in cost savings for the user but also reduces the product's overall carbon footprint.

Sophisticated All-Round Dimensions Optical Architecture

The product features a sophisticated dimensions optical architecture that greatly enhances the accuracy of image position, resulting in superior image uniformity across the entire video wall.

High Brightness

The projection engines of SURGO RGB laser series are 50% brighter than mainstream LED-lit rear projection engines. The high luminance of this technology allows for operation under bright conditions, enabling control rooms to be lit up even with natural light. With the SURGO RGB laser series, viewing images and videos on a video wall is now possible under various lighting conditions without compromising on brightness or clarity.